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How could you? by Fox-E How could you? by Fox-E
Pony a Week #5: Draw a pony shocked.

:iconfluttershynoesplz::iconsaysplz:How dare you use me as a cop–out like this!

Yes, it's true. :noes: Flootershy here is shocked that I'm using her as filler imagery for this week's theme because I lazed about all week instead of drawing the actual idea I had. I'm sorry Fluttershy, please forgive me. =<

That's only partially true though — I could've drawn my original idea in time (especially since I somehow managed to complete this in a single hour), but a few hours ago, I was taken by a strange mood, and have seized control of an Artist's Desk workshop. I demand paper, pencils, erasers and references.

Also, look! You can mostly see my light shading now! I ran out of the normal copier paper I've been using for a while now, and got this different kind instead. It's not perfect, but at least you can more or less see the light shading now instead of it being completely invisible. Progress!

Look at :iconnimaru:~Nimaru's works to see some examples of better pencil shading and scanning.

Two things are off, that you may notice immediately:

For one, the eye gleam is weird. It didn't look all that bad when I was drawing it, but now that it's scanned and I'm looking at the paper again, it does look a bit off.

This is due to me not outlining the eye gleam, instead leaving blank areas in the normal shading. Once again looking at ~Nimaru's examples, I think outlined eye gleams are better.

Secondly, Fluttershy appears to be squished horizontally. A recent Rainbow Dash of mine also exhibits this, and it's because I have serious issues with proportions.

Like, I can only draw something either too wide, or too tall. Getting that perfect balance is exceedingly difficult for me. Maybe it's cause of how I sit, leaning back in the chair instead of sitting upright and looking straight down at the image in progress. I have no idea, still trying to fix that.

Anyway, I'm getting really sick procrastinating like this, so I'm going to do my own little mini–Iron Artist thing here in a bit to goad myself back into drawing consistantly; see if I can work down this ideas list I've built up recently.

It probably won't be anything huge, just something to get back into practice, like a one–week NATG clone or something. Celestia knows I have plenty of small, simple ideas I can use for fodder. <__<
AmbroseButtercrust Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice expression! Personally, the lack of outline doesn't bother me at all on the eye highlights, but it kind of depends on where you want to go in the future. Like, digital coloring, hand coloring, pen & ink, pure pencil work...

The vertical/horizontal proportions are definitely something that stood out, though (a quick vertical scale of 80% in GIMP makes it look much better). Have you tried rotating your sketch to give a visual check? Like here, I would probably lightly sketch the head circle, snout, and ear first; then rotate my paper 90 degrees and squint at it (maybe along with a reference rotated 90 degrees if I have one handy). You might find that makes it easier to keep you on track.

Good to see your drawings again!
Fox-E Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, I just rotated the paper to try that out, and suddenly the stretching is extremely obvious. :noes: Never thought of that. Ultra thanks for pointing it out, totally gonna use that little trick from now on.

I do the entire drawing with the lightest lines possible before moving on to darkening / shading / etc., so it'll be easy to incorporate into the process. Plus, I'm one of those types that uses one million references for the simplest of drawings, so that part won't be hard either. =P

Thinking further about the eye gleam, you're right about how it depends on the medium. I'll need to play around with the different styles a bit and see how they all look. A good idea for an experiment if ever there was one!

Additionally, thanks. :meow: Both for the compliment, and the critique. Feels good to get lost in the act of drawing again.
ohthatandy Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2011
good job getting back on the horse.
seriously though. :)
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